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A great Brexit

Last Friday, somewhat off guard, I was asked whether I thought the Chase brand will suffer because of Brexit? My immediate response was no. Why would it? It makes an excellent product, has a growing reputation and is run by people who are genuinely passionate about what they do.

But that got me thinking. I’ve been working with Chase for several years now. I’ve seen their brand grow and mature, as well as their export sales increase globally. Great Britain features heavily across all their brand marketing. ‘Made in Herefordshire', a Union Jack on the bottle, a Union Jack bow tie around each bottle neck - it is very much a modern British brand.

Chase’s ‘Britishness’ is a key element to its attraction around the world. People have come to appreciate that buying British, whether that’s clothing, cars or any product in between, ensures a superior quality and service. Our reputation as a country naturally has an effect on how people perceive a British brand. As we all know modern brands are influenced by so many different factors, trying to juggle them all is the challenge.

I now think brands, creatives & designers from across British industries, have a responsibility to make sure that these brands continue to have a positive impact on our country. We continue to be creative, to push the boundaries, to make sure ‘Britishness’ is seen to be innovative. And that we continue to be a nation that delivers.

The honest truth is no one knows what is really going to happen. It’s new territory for everyone in the UK (and around the world). However what we can do is to make sure in our own little way we continue to make a difference. Like Chase we shouldn't just rely on being British and the quality of the product or service should stand alone.

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